Lord Sugar has given Apprentice candidate Selina Waterman-Smith one more chance to impress him after getting on the wrong side of his aides Claude Littner and Karren Brady.


“Selina, there’s an old saying, no smoke without fire. You’re a different person on task than you are in this boardroom. I’ve seen it before – people with two faces,” Lord Sugar determined, after hearing reports she’d sat back on this week’s London Pet Show selling task.

Part of losing team Connexus, Selina was brought back into the boardroom by project manager Scott for failing to chalk up more than one sale of a cat tower.

“He’s not very happy with you, I’ve got to tell you,” Lord Sugar told Selina of aide Claude Littner. Having followed her on task Claude concluded that she’d “kind of drifted off” and “didn’t put her back into it”. He added that her lack of enthusiasm and involvement was the reason for her poor sales performance.

“She’s wondering why you have this demeanor also,” Sugar added, referring to long-standing aide Karren Brady, who’d said the candidate just appeared to have the “hump”.

“I’m really disappointed you think that,” Selina said. “I’m someone that always gets their hands dirty. I was project manager on the first task, I’ve contributed on all tasks and I’m very happy to be in a position of responsibility.”

Looking like her time in the competition was up and that she was about to follow fired Ruth Whiteley out of the door, Sugar said: “I’ve got these two people advising me and I find it difficult to go against their advice.”

But he opted to give her a lifeline.

“Last chance,” Sugar concluded. “Go back to the house.”

“Thank you very much and I will take on board everything you’ve said,” Selina promised.

And so to next week…


The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9:00pm on BBC1