Lady C’s son has been in talks for Love Island

Dima Ziadie-Campbell has had chats with ITV2 about looking for love on the Caroline Flack-fronted reality series

Remember last year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here? It was – until she left – The Lady C Show. Yes, Lady Colin Campbell swept through that camp like a tornado with pearls on – so it’s with great interest that we’ve learned that her adopted son Dima Ziadi-Campbell has been considering his own taste of reality TV stardom. 


It’s somewhat surprising given that his recent experience of it was trying to defend Lady C in interviews while she was in the jungle – you’d think all that drama would mean he’s had quite enough of the cameras. But he’s not been discussing being “sport for the oiks” in Australia this year (well, not yet at least. You never know). Rather, Dima has been in talks with ITV2’s producers for steamy reality show Love Island. Yes, the one where singletons head into a villa in Mallorca and attempt to find a dishy new partner. Or, at least, try to find a spot where the cameras can’t see what they’re getting up to. 

It would be quite the event, not least for the bit where the parents come to visit. Lady C is not one for mincing her words. One of the Love Islanders would probably get called an impertinent old goat. Or a chippy oik. And if someone had ‘pied’ Russian-born Dima, I daren’t imagine what insults would come their way. Host Caroline Flack would need to do little more than ask Lady C what she thought and the rest of the show would take care of itself. 

My understanding is that the show has only confirmed a small number of its contestants for this year and that it’s more likely Dima won’t appear than that he will. But hey, we can keep our fingers crossed for now. 


Love Island returns to ITV2 this summer