I’m a Celebrity’s Michael Buerk and the most unlikely rappers

The BBC newsreader has attended rap school with Tinchy Stryder, but he's not the only famous face to throw down a beat...

Michael Buerk has gone to rap school. Yup, you read that right: RAP SCHOOL. The former BBC newsreader may possess enviable enunciation but when it comes to rapping, he readily admits “I know zero”.


He really is pretty clueless – “I thought it was done by sinister-looking men in hoods and shades” – so his fellow I’m a Celebrity campmate Tinchy Stryder decided to teach him a thing or two. Although, don’t expect the silky tones of Kanye and Jay Z…

“I kept my existing and pompous, middle class, stuck up and middle-aged prig persona because they thought that would be most effective.” However, judging by his first effort, his rhyming skills are certainly up to scratch:

“Jimmy’s the name and football is his game. How about we dream of curry but we don’t mean Edwina; We’re keen on Kendra but wish she was cleaner?”

But Michael’s not the only celebrity In Da Club. In fact, there are plenty of unlikely rappers showcasing their skills – or lack of – in public…

Michael Gove

The then-Education Secretary went viral earlier this year with an impromptu rap performance for a group of schoolchildren. But given the choice, did he go for Fifty Cent? Eminem? Notorious B.I.G? Nope, Gove opted for Wham! Rap – the 1982 hit which had George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley prancing around in their leathers and tight white t-shirts.


Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star floored audiences last month when he belted out a magical rendition of Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics on The Tonight Show. Serious cool points awarded to Mr Radcliffe. Buerk, take note.

Leonardo DiCaprio

From one A-list actor to another, the next unlikely candidate on our list is Leonardo DiCaprio, attempting to fly under the radar with this rendition of A Tribe Called Quest’s Scenario in an LA nightclub. Luckily for us, someone captured it in all it’s glory – and it ain’t half bad, either.

Paul Gascoigne

An assault on the eyes and ears, Geordie Boys proves that for all his finesse on the pitch, Gazza is clueless when it comes to carrying a tune. Whoever came up with the topless/tracksuit combination should be forced to listen to this for eternity.

John Barnes

Gazza could have done with some tips from John Barnes – an unlikely success with his 1990 number one hit World in Motion, a song by British group New Order.

Although, Barnes would be best advised to bury this 1988 number. The blame doesn’t rest entirely on his shoulders – the entire Liverpool FC squad make an appearance – but it’s a musical headache from beginning to end.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Who’d have thought yoga-lover and smoothie guzzler Gwynnie was a secret lover of nineties rap music? We’ve got Graham Norton to thank for unveiling this hidden talent. Of course, he made her showcase her skills when she paid a visit to his sofa a few years ago…

MC Nuts

We saved the best till last – we’re nice like that – so, introducing… MC Nuts. A squirrel who raps William Wordsworth poems. To mark the 200th anniversary since the poet wandered the dramatic Lake District scenery writing verse, the Cumbrian tourist board arranged for a giant rodent to rap an updated version of his 1807 work Daffodils. Dear Lord!


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