Watch Education Secretary Michael Gove rapping to Wham!

The Tory politician - who recently admitted a preference for rap music - couldn't resist showcasing his skills for a group of schoolchildren...

So, it came as a bit of a surprise to us all when Michael Gove admitted a penchant for rap music. Admittedly, his favourite artist is Mr B The Gentleman Rapper who performs “chap hop” – a gentleman’s parody of hip hap. Not quite as down with the kids as David Cameron might have hoped.


But a visit yesterday organised by BBC website School Report offered the Education Secretary the chance to showcase his rapping skillz. What did he choose? Jay Z? Kanye West? 50 Cent? No. He chose Wham! Rap – the 1982 hit which had George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley prancing around in their leathers and tight white t-shirts.


Take it away, Mr Gove…