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I’m a Celebrity’s Iain Lee wants to quit after Dingo Dollar debacle

He may be tall but hates heights and let his campmates down on the death-defying stunt...

Published: Saturday, 2nd December 2017 at 10:05 pm

Strawberry-snaffler Iain Lee failed his I’m a Celebrity campmates once again after withdrawing from the Dingo Dollar challenge in Saturday night's show.


His fear of heights meant that he couldn’t complete the task with Stanley, which involved braving a high bridge swaying 100 feet over a deep jungle ravine.

And he seems to have had enough of life in the outback, crying about his failure.

“Don’t worry Iain you gave it a go, you absolutely did,” said Stanley. “You tried it, there are some things you cannot conquer, why should you, you weren’t born to be a TV repairman on top of a high stack. Remember these treats are nice to have but we’re going to have dinner.”

However Amir was less sympathetic, telling the Bush Telegraph: “I just think Iain should have given it a go because, I know he’s scared of heights but I’m scared of spiders and snakes and I’ve had to deal with that but he still should have done it, I don’t know why he didn’t do it.”

The Dingo Dollar Challenge failure capped a bad night for Iain who has lost his confidante Shappi who has been voted out.

Iain also continues to be resented for his strawberry theft earlier in the show. And we all know that was instigated by Amir...

Iain moaned: “I am in a really s***ty mood, I can’t wait to get out of here, I cannot wait to get out of this country and leave all this bull**it behind. They are all blowing smoke up Amir’s ass and he’s pi**ing himself laughing about it and I’m telling him that they all think it was me. I hate it.”

Earlier Jamie and Dennis performed better with the Bushtucker trial, scooping six out of a possible ten stars from the Tortuous Tanks task and giving the camp some sustenance.

The campmates also learned that Toff was to be to be the new Jungle Prime Minister with Dennis as her deputy.


I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here continues on ITV


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