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I'm A Celebrity viewers are deeply disturbed by "Dave" the jester

Ruthie and Russell were tasked with fooling the camp by a creepy talking painting.

Published: Thursday, 19th November 2020 at 9:53 pm

Ruthie Henshall and Russell Watson were co-conspirators in a series of pranks on I'm a Celebrity, encouraged by a creepy talking painting of the castle jester to trick their campmates in an effort to win luxury items for the camp.


Unfortunately the pranks were designated to make the campers turn against the new arrivals.

The talking painting, which was nicknamed Dave earlier in the week, was a terrifying ordeal in itself for many viewers.

Lots of I'm a Celebrity viewers thought the jester reminded them of the creepy animation Salad Fingers.

"That jester is creepy as mate! Sounds like Salad fingers", posted one fan.

Another viewer was genuinely disturbed by Dave: "please don’t let that jester talk again, it’s bloody creepy #ImACeleb".

Prank 1 involved Ruthie getting a foot massage off Jordan North. When she complained of pain in her foot he willingly complied and rubbed her foot like a good camper, then grimaced and urgently applied hand sanitiser afterwards!

Prank 2 involved Russell and Ruthie trying to convince the campers to give the wrong answer to a question posed by Kiosk Cledwyn, which they did, successfully convincing the campers to say "Walter" was Shakespeare's real birth name.

Prank 3 challenged Russell to take a nap then wake up screaming and claiming he's seen a ghost. He told the camp he was going to bed because he had a migraine then moments later stood up screaming that he'd seen an apparition of an old lady.

The other campers were convinced he had. Jordan said: "The guy, he's not lying, he's shaking like a leaf."

Dave the jester then told Ruthie and Russell to reveal the truth about their pranks to the other 10 celebrities. Their revelation was greeted with shock which quickly turned to joy when they revealed they'd won the camp 12 luxury items.

Some thought the jester was too great an innovation to have the duo explain it to the camp: "Why are they letting them reveal about the talking jester? A waste of future potential."

Later, Jordan undertook the solo trial, The Trapped Door, to win a potential 12 stars for the camp. He took to the task with aplomb, urging hosts Ant and Dec to chat with him to take his mind off the confined space and bugs he was overcoming to locate the stars, which he did.

His delight at his success was a joy to behold. Has I'm a Celebrity's resident scaredy cat turned the corner become the pride of the pack?


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