I’m a Celebrity stars Iain, Amir, Jamie, Dennis and Rebekah address bullying claims in coming out show

"I actually cried" "I am gobsmacked" "It’s been completely blown out of proportion"

Iain Lee and Amir Khan in I'm a Celebrity

Following this year’s series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, ITV caught up with the campmates for Friday night’s special Coming Out show – and top of many of the celebs’ agendas was the ‘bullying’ scandal.


Amir Khan, Dennis Wise, Jamie Lomas and Rebekah Vardy have been accused by many viewers of ganging up on Iain Lee, one of the late arrivals into the jungle. But an apparently shocked Becky said she was reduced to tears when she first heard the claims, adding “I was the one that was being the most supportive of him… A bully? I’ve never been a bully in my whole entire life.”

Dennis remained suspicious of Iain over the notorious Starwberrygate, which saw Iain and Amir scoff a treat of strawberries and cream meant for the whole camp. Dennis said “Obviously Iain was in there to upset everything in the camp and that was his intention… If he’s playing a game he’s played it extremely well. He’s obviously done it for his own reasons and that’s up to Iain to explain himself.”

But after watching the incident for himself, and realising that Amir had been the instigator, he said “Amir! They both encouraged each other but Amir started it by the looks of it. The rascal!”  

Amir, didn’t exactly sound as repentant about his treatment of Iain, saying “The reason it started bad for Iain was because he came in as Prime Minister. You know when you give someone a little bit of power and it goes to their head.”

Becky and Iain were keen to discuss the press coverage that suggested they were bullying Iain. “I came out to the biggest shit storm,” she told Dennis. “And you know I don’t get upset about things and you know I’m really strong but I actually cried in the car. It really upset me. Something so strong has been said about not just me. You, Jamie, Amir. That we were part of a gang.”

“I am gobsmacked with it,” said Dennis. “The reason being is because this is not the case. I’ll be surprised with Iain if he doesn’t clarify all of this.” 

Dennis will hopefully be happy with Iain’s response… “There was no bullying going on,” said Iain. “Let’s quash this rumour once and for all. Bullying is a very serious thing. It’s a huge word. There was no bullying whatsoever. “

Meanwhile, runner-up Jamie seemed to have changed his tune after repeatedly accusing Iain of playing a game while in the jungle: “I don’t think Iain was playing a game to be honest,” he said. “He’s a nice guy and we became good mates in there. [The] last night was just a really special evening with me, Iain and [eventual winner] Toff.  I think it’s been completely blown out of proportion if I’m honest.”


See what else the celebs have to say for themselves in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Coming Out on ITV at 9pm on Friday 15th December.