I’m A Celebrity 2020 stars had clever way of keeping private chats from airing on TV

Jordan North revealed how the contestants kept private gossip private... and it's a rather creative technique.

I'm A Celebrity 2020 contestant Jordan North

I’m A Celebrity runner-up Jordan North has revealed the nifty way the celebs managed to have private conversations while surviving the Welsh countryside.


While speaking to colleague Greg James during an appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show, Jordan opened up about the technique they used on the show saying: “Before we went in, we were told not to sing any songs by Queen, The Beatles or Disney.”

This is due to their music being copyrighted, and thus expensive to show on TV, particularly in the case of The Beatles.


“If we were having a conversation that we didn’t want on air, we’d get someone in the background to sing I Want To Break Free or Hey Jude,” he added.

Sounds like we might have missed out on some pretty interesting conversations and, what’s worse, the celebs’ singing.

Host Greg James also showed Jordan a recording of his disappointed colleagues reacting to the winner announcement.

Despite Jordan’s best efforts, it was podcast host and author Giovanna Fletcher who claimed this year’s I’m a Celebrity crown during last Friday’s final, following an intense challenge in which she ate a series of unsavoury dishes, including a cow’s nose and a sheep’s testicle.

Jordan chose an endurance trial instead, which saw him locked inside a cage for 10 minutes alongside snakes.

“It was the best, but the toughest three weeks of my life,” Jordan told James.

We’re not surprised!

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