I’m a Celebrity: Nadia Forde second celebrity to leave jungle

Reality star loses viewer vote and discusses her relationship with fellow campmate Jake Quickenden

Nadia Forde is the second celebrity to leave the jungle this year.


Speaking after the results were revealed, the reality star said: “I didn’t know what to expect it’s just been incredible. Every day is such a rollercoaster. It makes me appreciate everything on the outside so much more, I can’t wait to see my family.”

Fellow campmate Jake Quickenden appears to nurse a soft spot for Forde, and had earlier taken her aside for a heart-to-heart. Forde seemed less than interested. It was more a heart-to-wall.

“Jake is such a sweetheart, and he is one of the strongest in there by far,” Forde told Ant and Dec. But is there a possibility for something more than friendship? “We live on top of each other, we’re like brother and sister, but I don’t think there’s a romance there. He’s a flirt! Don’t think it’s just me he’s flirting with!”

Earlier, the departure of Jimmy Bullard in the viewer vote upset everyone, especially his guy-bro-mate-love Foggy. A quick slap about the chops and he pulled himself together. “Come on,” he sobbed. “Man up you soft get.”

Jake was also in tears, despite the fact that some particularly harsh bantering between himself and Jimmy seems to have soured the audience on the ex-footballer. Kendra could see why some might think it was bullying (“Sometimes he takes things too far and some people might not like it”) but Jake disagreed: “He kept me going.  He took the mick out of me and it’s what I liked.”

There was discussion about who should do the next trial, with Michael and Vicki volunteering for their first test. “Obviously they’re quite mature, shall we say, in age,” said Foggy, “but hopefully they’ll bring back seven or more or they won’t be doing it again. They’d better bring back the bacon.”

The Deadly Dunker looked like the serial killer from Saw and Richard O’Brien from The Crystal Maze had a jam session. A big wheel plunged the celebs head first into a tank full of nasties, and there was some business with catching and throwing. The good news: they brought home seven stars. The bad: the meal was Octopus, not bacon. Foggy must have been furious.

“The mouldy oldies in the camp,” gloated Vicki. “We’re really quite good troopers.  We haven’t buckled under pressure.  I think we’re all doing pretty well.”

Next the campmates were paired up and played a simple memory game to stop each other’s letters from home being fed through a shredder. Kendra, Vicki and Nadia were out of luck, due to the sieve-like brains of Mel, Michael and Kendra respectively. Everyone else read out their letters and had a good cry. Again.

Later Mel got wound up by Edwina’s kitchen critiques, then stormed off to be alone. It was up to Kendra to offer some words of encouragement, telling her she was a vital member of the team. “This train wouldn’t be moving if it wasn’t for you. You’re the conductor.” We never took Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriend for a trainspotter, but it was a lovely sentiment.


Indeed, Kendra revealed a caring side to herself tonight, earlier ‘volunteering’ to leave the show in the live portion of the show. How very Hunger Games, but could it all be a strategy as the competition moves forward? We’ll have to watch tomorrow to see.