Why I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is the right show to weather the pandemic

If there's any show which can work around the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, it's I'm A Celebrity, says Grace Henry.

I'm A Celebrity

News emerged that I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestants would have to isolate for two weeks ahead of the 2020 series, which is set to air later this year.


According to The Sun‘s sources: “The two-week plan in place is one simple way of being able to ensure the health of those taking part.”

While we understand this will of course be difficult, as contestants would have to spend a total of five weeks away from their loved ones instead of three, if there’s any show that can do it, it’s got to be I’m A Celebrity.

We all know going into the jungle is no easy feat, and any celeb signing up will already be prepared for the various twists and turns along the way.

They’re made to go without proper food, and have to sleep, eat, and relieve themselves in some of the worse conditions.

Surely an extra two weeks is nothing in comparison to the three weeks they will spend completing Bush Tucker Trials.

With other entertainment shows like Strictly, which has all the glitz and glam, the idea of having celebs essentially cooped up for a period of time, is totally alien to the show’s format.

We want to see all the excitement, fun, dances routines – you name it, but when it comes to I’m A Celebrity, this is pretty much the nature of the show.

It’s already known for contestants to go into some sort of seclusion ahead of the series to protect the secrecy of the line-up, so surely this will just be a slight extension.

The extra two weeks shouldn’t make the show harder, but perhaps better, as it will give the celebs time to adjust to Australia before taking the plunge.

And then once the two-week isolation period has been lifted, this should then allow the show to run as normal, meaning we’d be getting to see all the gory challenges we’ve come to love over the past 18 years.

Andy Whyment takes on Pump of Peril on I’m A Celebrity (ITV)

I’m A Celebrity isn’t a shiny-floor entertainment show. It’s all about roughing it and overcoming fears, which we’ve seen with the many celebrities who have taken on the challenge.

Just like how the contestants manage to overcome the various challenges, I’m A Celebrity will weather the pandemic – and we can’t wait.


I’m A Celebrity is set to return to ITV later this year. To see what else is on, have a look at our TV Guide.