I’m a Celebrity 2017 recap Day 19: Jennie and Iain survive Bushtucker tongue trial and Dennis Wise leaves the jungle

Plus Amir and Jamie REALLY struggle in their little geography test

(ITV screengrab, TL)

Jennie and Iain visit the Deadly Departure Lounge

Yes, although Dennis Wise banned Iain Lee from taking on a Bushtucker trial earlier this week, the TalkRadio DJ put himself forward for the latest task alongside Jennie McAlpine anyway. And despite (very reluctantly) letting the pair go, Dennis secretly promised Amir Khan and Jamie Lomas he would go “apes**t” if Iain returned to camp empty-handed.


So what airport-based horrors awaited Jennie and Iain at the Deadly Departure Lounge? Would the pair have to board a critter-filled aircraft? Suffer a Snakes on a Plane-style nightmare? A Ryanair flight perhaps?

Not quite. Each celeb was given 10 minutes to unscrew 10 dingo dollars with their tongue. However, it being I’m A Celeb, the task came with a cruel/hilariously entertaining twist: the dingo dollars were placed in cages containing the likes of fish guts, over-excited reptiles and maggots.

It was nothing to do with airports, but a great watch nonetheless…

Although enduring several snips from crabs and some unfortunate lizard-licking, Jennie and Iain managed to unscrew all the dingo-dollars. This meant the duo won six meals for camp: great news for their empty bellies, but, as many viewers pointed out, the success left Dennis without reason to moan at Iain.

Kiosk Keith Kiosked!

Yes, the unsmiling Keith off of the Kiosk returned again with a simple geography-based Dingo Dollar Challenge for Amir and Jamie. Their task: put a line between a country of departure and a country of arrival on a huge map and measure that distance to get the flight time between the two.

Really, they just needed to point out a few major cities – an easy challenge considering Khan’s travels as a world boxing star, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong.

It was a trial that saw Lomas pondering “America might be here” while glancing at Russia and Khan claiming Tokyo was part of China.

Although the two eventually successfully completed the test (winning cupcakes for camp), it took them 55 minutes in total – 20 of which were spent locating Australia on the map. That’s 1200 seconds to locate the country they’d been living in for the past three weeks.

The final five campmates are…

Jamie, Amir, Toff, Iain and Jennie! During the final segment of the show, Dennis Wise was booted out the camp, news that #TeamIain members welcomed with understated grace…

The latest departure also cleared up a question we’ve all been wondering. You might recall that Dec has made a one or two comments about Dennis’ height over the series…

Well, after exiting the jungle, Dennis went back-to-back to Dec and it turns out the host is the real tiny tiny man of I’m a Celeb – Wise is actually taller by a few inches. It might seem like a victory for Dennis, but his Wikipedia page has now been locked due to the volume of people listing his height as “He’s a very small man”. It’s swings and (tiny tiny) roundabouts.

And if you were interested, here are Dennis’ tiny tiny best bits…


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