I’m A Celebrity 2017 day 6 recap: Amir screams at spiders, Becky blasts Iain and Toff has a posh detox

Yes. We. KHAN!

Amir Khan takes on the I'm A Celeb Fright House challenge

Day six Down Under kicked off with another I’m A Celebrity Bushtucker Challenge for the nation’s favourite screaming boxer.


As Amir faced his fear, Becky brooded about game plans and Toff tried to look on the bright side of life…

Man Don’t Like Spiders… Get Me Out Amir!

There’s a very good reason #ManDontLikeSpiders was rising up through the hashtag ranks on Twitter on day six as Amir Khan faced the I’m A Celeb Fright House Bushtucker Challenge.

Khan, who headed to the clearing with all the bravado of a world champion boxer, was reduced to a screaming mess by the horrors he met within.

“Can you help me?” he asked Snake Rock rival Vanessa, who was racing against time to beat him. It seems as though he REALLY wasn’t kidding when he said he’d never watched the show…

Anyway, Amir made it through rooms filled with fish guts, pigeons and a camel – called Donald Hump because of course – before stalling in sheer terror at the sight of a chamber filled with spiders. Amir spent quite some time fretting about the arachnids awaiting him in the room beyond, mumbling “I don’t do spiders” repeatedly to the amusement of Ant and Dec.

Donald Hump willed him to get moving by nudging him in the backside and Amir resolved to keep Khan and carry on. We quickly learned that this particular mantra requires one to scream the house down while scrambling to grab stars.

It was a solid strategy though, because Amir emerged victorious and secured food for Croc Creek and two care packages for Snake Rock.

Mardy Vardy

Rebekah was really struggling with life at Snake Rock on day six.

“I really find it hard to cover up the fact that I’m pissed off.  I wouldn’t go into a rant about it but I think you can just look at my face and you can see that I’m fuming,” she confessed in the Bush Telegraph.

She wasn’t wrong.

Mrs Vardy spent most of her time sitting and staring moodily into the distance as she delivered her musings about camp PM Iain, who she confessed she was dying to confront. “I can’t wait to tell Iain I think he’s a bit of a bellend,” she told her fellow campers, while Toff did a merry dance around the camp sprinkling positive pixie dust.

But the Made in Chelsea maiden couldn’t work her magic on Becky, who was next spotted back in the Bush Telegraph discussing Iain’s alleged “game plan”. What is this? Big Brother circa 2005?

She wasn’t quite done there either, shouting “f**k off” at the Snake Rock radio during Iain’s afternoon broadcast.

Becky insisted she was genuinely sorry when the camps reunited, but whether or not she truly means it remains to be seen.

We need to talk about Toff

If ever there was an antidote to Rebekah’s doom and gloom it’s Georgia “Toff” Toffolo. The Made In Chelsea star is probably one of the most eternally positive campers we’ve come across in I’m A Celeb’s 15 years on air.

When she wasn’t telling everyone to think of their grim rice and beans dinner as the kind of fare they’d be getting as part of a “really posh detox” and suggesting they might meditate, she was dancing along to the tune of Iain’s party political broadcasts and offering endless support to a very frustrated Vanessa.

We also saw her serious side as she took charge during a Balancing The Budget challenge, during which she had to join forces with Kezia and Vanessa to stack a series of coins on an unstable table while creepy crawlies rained down from above.

While Croc Creek’s Dennis Wise blew his fuse over Iain Lee’s inability to keep still, Toff kept her troops in line by barking firm but friendly orders. “Please don’t move, please darling, please,” she politely encouraged a very uncomfortable Vanessa. It was that no nonsense attitude that helped the ladies secure Snake Rock’s first win of the day – even if it was a draw.

And when her care package – containing her beloved fake tan – arrived, Toff assured us that the best was yet to come.

“I’m going to be positively glowing”, she promised.

Who’s doing the next Bushtucker Trial?

The public has selected Camp Prime Minister Iain to take on the Temple of Gloom.

This trial will see him racing through a series of underwater chambers to win stars and food for his fellow campers.


I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV on Saturday night at 9.10pm