How is The Apprentice final filmed?

Here’s how Lord Sugar picks his winner...

Alan Sugar

So that’s all, folks – after several weeks of gruelling competition, Lord Sugar has crowned Carina Lepore the winner of The Apprentice 2019.


But while it usually seems to be a fairly clear-cut conclusion on screen, it actually takes far longer for Lord Sugar to choose which of our finalists is going to receive the £250,000 investment.

Here’s just how the final works…

How is The Apprentice final filmed?

The Apprentice (2019 series 15) Portraits

According to the official The Apprentice website, “Lord Sugar decides the winner on the basis of the final task, the boardroom, and their overall performance throughout the series.”

However, despite The Apprentice being filmed over the summer and broadcast over the autumn/winter period, even the two finalists are kept in the dark about who has received the £250,000 until just before the final is broadcast in a bid to prevent spoilers.

“Two endings are filmed in order to ensure that the winner is not revealed in advance,” reads the official website.

“Lord Sugar does not tell the production team and the finalists about the identity of his new business partner until the day before the transmission of the final programme.”

It was something our winner, Carina, admitted she struggled with.

“I’m still processing my win!” she told “It’s been tough as you don’t know. Everything’s unknown.

“All I kept thinking to myself is that I’ve done my best. I couldn’t have shown him any more of me, and what I wanted to show him. Ultimately, I’d done my best and it was whether he wanted to take that exciting leap with me.”

While Carina will now be looking to opening up more shops with Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment, she doesn’t want her family-run artisan bakery business to morph into Greggs.

“It’s definitely not going to be going down that fast food route,” she explained. “I see Greggs as a fast food – there’s not that feel of sitting in and ambience.

“I feel and anyone who comes into Dough Bakehouse will feel the nice environment.”


The Apprentice returns to BBC One in 2020. If you’re interested in applying, click here