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Here's how many times Craig said 'Do you know what I mean?' during his time on Love Island - and it's a LOT

And we still don't have a clue what he meant

Published: Wednesday, 5th July 2017 at 1:20 pm

As soon as Craig Lawson got into the Love Island villa, there was only one thing on his lips. And no, it wasn't instantly declaring his undying love for Camilla.


Well, he did that too. But the one thing he kept saying over and over and OVER again was "Do you know what I mean?"

After he got booted out the villa, we wondered to ourselves: just how many times did Craig ask this now-infamous question during his time on the ITV2 show?

Well all in the name of research, we watched back the five episodes of Love Island that Craig featured in, and we can reveal that he said "Do you know what I mean?" an incredible 42 times in total!

During his stay, Craig had roughly 16 minutes and 17 seconds of airtime in which he had the opportunity to say his favourite phrase. So after doing a bit of maths, that means that on average Craig asked people if they knew what he meant 2.6 times every single minute.

It still felt like more, somehow.

Craig was dumped from the villa in a shock quadruple elimination after trying, trying and then trying some more to win over Camilla, before eventually she pied him off and said that she was still feeling hurt and emotional about what happened with Jonny - despite him now being with Tyla.

We're now hoping that Camilla will have better luck with new islander Jamie Jewitt when he enters the villa. Perhaps Camilla has finally found the man for her, if you know what we mean.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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