It’s Bonfire of the Newbies as shock quadruple eviction hits Love Island

Will true love survive?


On Love Island, if you don’t fall in love at first sight, you might not see much at all. Tonight saw four newbie islanders shipped to the nearby Peninsula of Loneliness after losing out in the public vote. It’s another demonstration of how hard it can be to join the island after couples, alliances and public perceptions have already been formed.


Nathan Joseph (from Essex) – who had been a surprising choice for Amber Davies (from Wales) during recoupling –was eliminated immediately as the boy with the least votes. Chyna Ellis (from Essex), who also joined the show last week, was the girl with the least votes.

After that, it was time to stoke divisions through complicated rules. (Lest we forget, Love Island ends in a real life Prisoner’s Dilemma with £50,000 at stake.) In this case, islanders had to choose between the next two low scoring contestants of the opposite sex. Got that?

Posh Montana Brown (from posh Hertfordshire) chose Craig (from Essex). He was famously the cousin of Amy Childs, and will continue to be so, but not on the island. Danielle Sellers (from East Sussex) was chosen by Marcel Somerville (from Blazing Squad).

The shock quadruple elimination closely follows the shock elimination of seven contestants, as the programme piles on twists and turns to keep the momentum going. The show has broken through to become a bone fide sensation this year, with audiences and newspapers alike enjoying using the word ‘romp’ like they’re living in the 1970s.


Meanwhile, all around the island, the sea stretches out to the horizon.