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Paul Hollywood says his Bake Off handshakes will "almost stop" from now on as judge admits he's handed out too many

"They are all moving up in standard so I’ve got to move my barrier up," the Bake Off judge explains – meaning the Hollywood Handshake will become a rarity once again

Paul Hollywood, Bake Off
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Published: Friday, 28th September 2018 at 12:01 am

The Great British Bake Off viewers have been up in arms in recent weeks over the superfluity of Paul Hollywood’s once incredibly rare handshakes, but the judge has now said they are about to "almost stop".


In the good old days, Paul would only give out handshakes a couple of times a series, but nowadays we’re seeing as many as three (THREE!) an episode.

Paul has now responded to the furore surrounding his handshakes, telling Jonathan Ross on this week’s show: “I’ve taken a bit of flack over that. The handshake came from when they looked very professional and they almost cross that line from being amateur to professional.

“It started in series two, I just shook someone’s hand and said, ‘Well done.’ It was a ‘Well done.’ And every year the standard has got better and better and better and this year has been phenomenal. Some of the flavours they are bringing out. Rahul’s stuff has been incredible.”

Okay Paul, you’ve explained yourself, but are you going to restrain the hand in future?

“You will see it happen [in a few weeks], the handshakes almost stop,” he reveals. “Because what I’ve done is I’ve realised they are all moving up in standard so I’ve got to move my barrier up, so that’s exactly what I do, I raise the bar and then no one gets over the top of it.”

And now all is right with the world again.


Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and Noel Fielding all appear on The Jonathan Ross Show on 29th September at 10.05pm on ITV


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