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From Chris and Kem’s bromance to Casa Amor: the 9 most talked-about moments from Love Island

We crown the biggest melts and the best grafters as series three of Love Island draws to a close

Published: Monday, 24th July 2017 at 3:18 pm

Our summer love affair with Love Island is nearly at an end.


After seven weeks of mugging, grafting and Chris’s rapping, our evenings will be left empty after the winners are crowned on Monday night. But there's lots to be grateful for. We now know what dicksand is and we'll never look at a tuna melt in quite the same way again.

Here are the 9 most talked-about moments as we hand out some awards to the islanders that are as unofficial as Camilla and Jamie’s relationship status:

Biggest Melt – Tyla (runner-up: Jonny)

Where do we start with Tyla? Before she went into the villa, she had said that she wanted to go in and “make sure I’m really friendly with the girls”, but she actually got very friendly with one boy in particular from the get go.

Just one day after we’d seen Jonny and Camilla go on a romantic date, Tyla was in the villa and choosing to go on a date with Jonny. It sent shockwaves when barely a week later, the pair were having it off and Camilla was left in tears.

Not long afterwards, Tyla was actually the one doing the dumping as she got annoyed with Jonny and chucked him for being too boring...and then got annoyed when he went on to liven up a bit without her.

But Tyla's biggest melt moment was yet to come. When Jonny and Tyla were both left in the bottom two, they had to choose which one of them had to go. Jonny was actually a bit of a gent and sacrificed himself, while Tyla was left wailing, crying and wailing some more.

He said he’d wait for her on the outside, she said “you better”, and Theo pondered why – if she cared that much about him – wasn’t she leaving too? Well, that all became patently clear when less than a day later Tyla was very much “Hello Mike” and “Jonny who?”.

All those tears had undoubtedly been fake – something that didn't go unnoticed among her fellow islanders.

Runner-up: In his dying moments before he walked out of the villa door, we actually rather liked Jonny. But that was probably just because he was standing next to Tyla.

His time in the villa had been marred with some pretty poor behavior. Theo even went as far as calling him a tuna melt – surely the meltiest of all melts. Jonny became something of a public enemy after the whole Camilla debacle, and many viewers saw it as sweet karma when Tyla dumped him on Camilla’s birthday while he looked on and angrily gnawed on pistachios in the kitchen.

Muggiest Moment – Mike choosing Olivia (runner-up: Gabby's texting)

Recouplings undoubtedly threw up the muggiest moments in the villa, but it was this one that was to be the muggiest of them all.

Chris and Olivia were coupled up when Mike entered the villa. However, he took a shine to Liv and snatched her from Chris at a recoupling. And lo, Muggy Mike was born.

Choosing Chloe after having Liv taken away from him, Chris said: “Somehow Muggy Mike’s decided to take the girl I like. So I’m going to couple up with this girl purely on a friendship basis and because she’s had my back from day one. She’s always been there for me and she’s one of the most one-faced girls in here so I would like to couple up with Chloe.”

Chris was left without his girl and Mike was left with a moniker which will haunt him forever.

Runner-up: From the get-go, Marcel and Gabby – or #Garcel, if you will – were seen by the islanders and viewers as one of the most straightforward and least sneaky of all the couples in the villa.

That was until Gabby wanted to get something off her chest about Alex and Montana taking her and Marcel’s “roles” in the villa. Instead of being straight-up about it and just doing what the rest of us would do (going into the toilet together, shutting the door and whispering about it. No? Just us?) Gabby instead decided to type out her grievances to Marcel.

She clearly thought the cameras wouldn’t be able to pick up what was on her phone screen, but she was woefully mistaken. We. Saw. Everything.

Highly Commended: We do have to shout out to Georgia here for choosing Kem at that recoupling. It left Amber’s eyes popping out of her head and Georgia became the girls’ number one enemy in the villa…for all of five minutes.

That was until all the islanders realised she was actually pretty sound and a proper laugh to boot.

Best Grafter – Craig (runner-up: also Craig)

In those heady early days of Love Island there was a lot of grafting going on. Everyone was getting to know each other and any straggling singletons risked being dumped from the show altogether. Putting it on and grafting was rife. But nothing – nothing – could match up to the levels of grafting that Craig put in trying to win over Camilla.

She was incredible, amazing, underrated, beautiful, the best girl in the villa, the woman of his dreams. And he had only met her for five minutes. It bordered on creepy – if you know what we mean – but Craig tried his best to worm his way in to Camilla’s affections. Annoyingly it worked for about five minutes, until thank GOD she came to her senses and let him down gently, citing that she still wasn’t over Jonny. Cue more tears.

Best Musical Performance – Run KMC (runners-up: the girls’ group performance feat. Montana’s dancing)

After Marcel's appearance on Love Island, a Blazin' Squad reunion is now on the cards. But that might have to wait. There's a new supergroup on the scene, and they're officially endorsed by Stormzy.

After their initial performance of what we think is called Little Bit Leave It, Kem, Marcel and Chris – otherwise known as Run KMC – pulled out the big guns for their talent show performance. They somehow found a keyboard behind the back of the sofa and even some baggy hoodies and terrible rhymes.

Montana has said she wants to see Chris and Kem feature on Stormzy's next single. This has to happen.

Runners-up: We're not sure what we were expecting when the girls lined up to do a performance for literally no reason. It wasn't for a talent show, it seemed to be spawned purely out of boredom – which we can well understand after two months of nothing but lounging in the sun.

But whatever the reason, the results were incredible. Unlike some (*cough* the boys *cough*) they didn't need to read the lyrics off their phones. All six of the girls remembered their lines perfectly, it all fit together and the result was incredible. So much so we almost didn't notice Montana's horrendous and hilarious dancing:

Montana, you ok love? ? #loveIsland

— Lee (@LRowlandss) July 4, 2017


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