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Fired Apprentice candidate David thought Charleine would go after boardroom gaffe

"Lord Sugar bottled it" says David Stevenson after he was sent home instead of Charleine Wain logo
Published: Wednesday, 25th November 2015 at 9:01 pm

David Stevenson was pretty shocked to find himself fired on tonight’s The Apprentice; he was certain that teammate Charleine Wain’s boardroom gaffe was his “golden ticket” to safety.


Charleine started to make her way out of the boardroom – thinking she was off the hook for Versatile’s loss on tonight’s party planning task – before having to sheepishly return to her seat.

“Imagine this, you’re sat on the edge of your chair, you’re watching the National Lottery, the numbers come in, the bonus ball comes in and you’ve won the jackpot. That was the feeling that was going through my mind when Charleine got told to sit back down,” David told “I thought it was my golden ticket out of there.”

Unfortunately for David, he was the one eventually told to find that fired taxi of doom.

“Lord Sugar bottled it,” David added. “He needed to fire Charleine.”

'The candidates ganged up on me'

As for why Charleine was saved by the boss, David isn’t sure: “Maybe he liked the fact that she was a bit more feisty than I was? Maybe I was just a bit boring…

“I felt, I wouldn’t say bullied, but really ganged up on. It wasn’t going to happen for me with three against one,” he continued, as Charleine and Joseph took 50/50 responsibility for every decision made by their sub-team, and project manager Gary blamed David for messing up a bulk order of t-shirts.

“I think I’m a more credible business person. I know I’m probably a bit biased, a bit bitter still, but I don’t think I should have been fired.”

David admitted he felt “sad” watching his final episode back, having laughed and joked through the rest of the series. “I was just disappointed. I think that’s the biggest word to describe it. Just disappointment.”

'I want to be the next Simon Cowell'

But he’s not holding grudges… completely.

“I wish Charleine well. If she wins she wins. But I wanted to win!” he laughed.

As for who he actually hopes comes out on top this year, David chuckled: “I am backing David Brent, aka Richard.

“He’s annoying and he’s brilliant. He’s like the kid at school that everyone hates but has no reason to hate him. As long as there are people there to knock him down a peg or two, then he’s got a very good chance," David explained. "If he’s left to his own devices to talk about what he wants and gets his own way, he’ll shoot himself in the foot.”

As for what's next for David, he’s leaving the process with some kind words from Lord Sugar about his ideas for marketing women’s sport.

“Lord Sugar had great words to say about me as a person and my current business plan. In short form, you look at Simon Cowell in the music industry, everyone goes to him because he knows what he’s doing and he gets results. I want to be that guy in women’s sports who knows what he’s doing, gets results and people look up to. Give me ten, fifteen years and I’ll be there.”


The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1


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