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Dapper Laughs proposes to girlfriend live on Celebrity Big Brother

Daniel O'Reilly used his eviction from the house as an opportunity to pop the question

Dapper Laughs / Daniel O'Reilly on Celebrity Big Brother
Published: Saturday, 27th January 2018 at 2:15 pm

Controversial comedian Dapper Laughs – real name Daniel O'Reilly – used his eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house as an opportunity to propose to his girlfriend live on TV on Friday night.


During his exit interview with host Emma Willis, O'Reilly turned to Shelley Rae and, getting down on one knee, said: "When I was in the house every day I regretted I never asked you so, will you marry me?"

Rae was instantly reduced to tears but, as O'Reilly put a homemade paper ring on her finger and asked "Is that a yes?", she managed to nod.

"Sorry about the ring, Ginuwine made it for me, but we'll trade it in for a better one," he said.

"You shot that ring on before she could say no," said shocked host Emma Willis, but in case there was any confusion, Rae later tweeted that she was indeed "the future Mrs O'Reilly".

Continuing his chat with Willis, O'Reilly said he hoped his time in the Big Brother house had convinced viewers that he was a different person to his controversial alter ego Dapper Laughs, whose ITV2 series was cancelled after viewers complained about the misogynistic attitude it portrayed.

"If I've come out of this and people look at me slightly different, then fantastic, but all I wanted to do was prove I wasn't as evil as maybe I was portrayed as before," he told Willis.

"I will be getting back on tour. A TV show is obviously the complete redemption," he added. "I'd love to get back on TV."


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5


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