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Celebrity Big Brother house unveils colourful pop art theme

You may need to watch this series with your sunglasses on...

Published: Thursday, 29th December 2016 at 10:26 am

We're still waiting to find out for sure which colourful characters will be inhabiting the Celebrity Big Brother house this time around (although there are some rumours flying about) but before the show returns on 3rd January, we've been treated to a first look at its extremely colourful new decor.


If you know your art history, you'll spot that the house has had a makeover heavily influenced by the pop art movement of the 1960s, meaning comic book-style imagery, Warhol-inspired pictures and a general celebration of all things kitsch...

The celebs will make their entrance down a golden set of stairs...


...and directly into the explosion of primary colours that is the dining area/living room.


There's also another cosy and equally colourful seating area.


The colour scheme in the bedroom is toned down (slightly) with pastel pinks, and features comic book images reminiscent of artist Roy Lichtenstein, in case you were wondering...


There's also a nice big mirror with fluffy pink stools where the girls (and boys) can do their make-up while having a lovely gossip about their fellow housemates.


Andy Warhol-style rubber ducks overlook the bathroom...


...and out in the garden, the hot tub is patrolled by foxes because... well, why should the ducks have all the fun?


The new series of Celebrity Big Brother launches on Tuesday 3rd January and promises to bring back your favourite CBB housemates, the All Stars, who will be joined by brand new celebrity housemates, the New Stars.


All in all, it looks like being a pretty colourful series.


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