Name: Alicia Douvall


Age: mid-thirties

Twitter: @AliciaDouvall

Famous, why? For glamour modelling, kiss-and-tells and a hefty amount of plastic surgery

Bio: Having first hit the headlines for stripping off, partying and dating famous men, Alicia is now better known for publicly battling her demons.

Real name Sarah Howes, the one-time glamour model has spilled the beans on dalliances with the likes of Simon Cowell, Mick Hucknall, P Diddy, Mickey Rourke, and, er, Dean Gaffney, not forgetting her soon-to-be Big Brother housemate, Calum Best.

She's also no stranger to the telly, having joined her then-14-year-old daughter Georgia in BBC3 documentary Glamour Models, Mum and Me which showed Alicia encouraging her teenager to pursue surgically-enhanced glamour modelling, despite Georgia being more interested in burying her nose in her books.

Currently single, Alicia has had a turbulent few years, admitting to spending over £1 million on hundreds of cosmetic surgery procedures, most famously enhancing her trout pout – an addiction she was treated for at rehab clinic Passages, all for a reality TV show, of course. She's also spoken publicly about an attempt to take her own life back in 2012 (see below).

She's desperate not to share a house with Katie Hopkins or any of her exes (oops, and oops again!), only eats green smoothies and warns she might spill the beans on the famous men she's shared a bed with: "of course they will be worried! If they know me, they know that I am very honest and sometimes I say things by mistake that shouldn't really come out, especially if I am relaxed and talking to people."




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