Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Who’s going into the house?

From an X Factor "superstar" to EastEnders royalty, and Steps alumnus to a Neighbours legend - here's our round-up of the most frequently rumoured housemates for Channel 5's reality show

Who: Rylan Clark
Famous for: Being the joke contestant on X Factor 2012
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 5/5
Almost all tabloids have instaled Rylan as the favourite to win the contest despite no official word from Channel 5 on the line-up for the series. The Mirror claim it was Rylan or Katie Price, and bosses went with Rylan because the pair were “too similar”.  Being filmed 24 hours a day talking rubbish and grooming himself in the many mirrors around the house, Rylan and CBB is surely a match made in heaven.  If Rylan doesn’t try to get a TOWIE style spin-off series out of this TV exposure, we’ll eat our hats.


Who: Ryan Moloney
Famous for: Playing loveable prankster-cum-lawyer Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi in Neighbours
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5 
His name has been mentioned by almost all the red tops, and several bookies have him down as a Rylan-beater in their ante-post odds. Now Neighbours is screened on Channel 5 there’s got to be cross-promotional benefits to this deal. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a breakout star from the Aussie soap over here, so perhaps if Ryan plays his cards right he could be the next Craig McLachlan.

Who: Frankie Dettori
Famous for: Being a Champion Jockey and TV personality
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5
The flamboyant Italian is certainly camera friendly and is sure to spice things up in the house. What is more, he happens to be on a six month ban from racing for failing a drugs test earlier in the year, so now seems like a perfect time to rebuild his celebrity status away from the stables.

Who: Katrina Darling
Famous for: Taking her clothes off – and being Kate Middleton’s cousin
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 2/5
Word has it that ITV and Channel 5 were engaged in a bidding war for Katrina for I’m A Celeb or CBB (although “word” is often wrong in this game). As she wasn’t on Celeb, can we assume she will be on CBB? A source told the Daily Star that “Kate might not be happy but you can bet she and the other royals will tune in”. It could happen, we suppose…

Who: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag
Famous For: Being in US reality series The Hills on MTV
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5
The married couple have form in reality TV, having made their name with cameras following them around in LA – and then spending 4 days in the jungle together before walking out of the 2009 US version of I’m A Celebrity. The pair have hinted they will return to reality TV in January.. could they really be gracing the hallowed screens of Channel 5? Probably.

Who: Gillian Taylforth
Famous For: Playing Kathy Beale in EastEnders and Jackie on Footballers’ Wives
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5
Gillian seems like a classic CBB contestant through and through. A well-documented personal life, a long tenure in a well-loved soap and experience in reality TV before (she made it to week two of Strictly in 2008)… surely C5 would be mad not to have her.

Who: Claire Richards
Famous For: Being one fifth of Steps
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 4/5
Ms. Richards may be at a loose end again now the Steps reunion tour is over, and the new album can always do with a bit of promotion, right? Well, Claire has enjoyed solo reality stardom before, having reached the semi-finals of Popstar to Operastar on ITV and had her own series about battling her weight on Sky Living.


Who: Jim Davidson
Famous for: Being a politically incorrect comedian and game show host
RadioTimes.com likelihood rating: 1/5
Prior to recent developments Jim Davidson was looking a likely housemate, but take one glance at this morning’s headlines and it would be safe to assume he’s now an outside bet. But then again if Channel 5 wants controversy, they’ve come to the right place with Jim. In 2007, Davidson was asked to leave another reality show, Hell’s Kitchen on ITV, after it was perceived he was bullying and making derogatory remarks about fellow contestant Brian Dowling. Guess who hosts CBB on Channel 5? Yep, Brian Dowling… that could be an interesting entrance for the former Big Break and Generation Game man if he does (miraculously) make it to the starting gate.