Plenty of buzz surrounded Netflix's answer to Selling Sunset, but set in the UK.


The real estate reality show landed on the streamer in May, and follows Property mogul Daniel Daggers and his team of agents at DDRE Global, including his friend Lauren Christy.

Unfortunately, the show has been met with quite a chilly reception by both critics and viewers.

In fact, the agents' mission to "conquer the super prime high-end real estate market, from the prestigious streets of Mayfair to the exclusive enclaves of Holland Park" was largely panned, with some calling it "hateable".

Want to know who they are and their credentials?

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Here's everything you need to know about the cast of Buying London.

Buying London cast

Here is the full line-up for Buying London on Netflix. Scroll on to read more about them.

  • Daniel Daggers
  • Oli Hamilton
  • Reme Nicole
  • Lauren Christy
  • Rosi Walden
  • Rasa Bagdonaviciute
  • Juliana Ardenius
  • Olivia Wayne
  • Alex Bourne

Daniel Daggers

A man posing with one hand rested on his chin. He is wearing a tweed-like blazer and is looking ahead.
Daniel Daggers. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @daniel_daggers

Job: The Boss

Daniel Daggers is 'The Boss' over at DDRE, and has plans to revolutionise the real estate industry. Having started out selling studio flats, he is now the go-to luxury agent in London.

Daniel demands the very best from his staff and expects them to go 100mph just like he does, but being married to the job does call for some sacrifices along the way.

Oli Hamilton

Oli Hamilton, posing with his hands on his tie. He is wearing a velvet blue blazer and his long hair swept backwards.
Oli Hamilton. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @olihami

Job: Agent

Oli is always suited and booted, and as per his Netflix description, "has an unfortunate penchant for making an awkward situation far worse".

Reme Nicole

Reme, smiling in a lime green suit dress. Her hands are place beneath her chin as she smiles ahead.
Reme Nicole. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @remenicole

Job: Agent

Many will recognise Reme from her viral videos on TikTok, and as the baby of the office, she is desperate to impress boss and mentor Daniel.

Lauren Christy

Lauren posing on a sofa. She is looking ahead and is wearing a starry black pantsuit.
Lauren Christy. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @lifeoflaurenchristy

Job: Agent

Lauren has been given the agency's swankiest properties to market, but it's Daniel's "apparent favouritism" that causes a clash with another colleague this season.

Rosi Walden

Rosi, smiling ahead. She is wearing a white pantsuit and has blonde hair.
Rosi Walden. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @rosi.walden

Job: Agent

Rosi is always on hand to offer advice to her colleagues, and when she has to team up with Oli this season, an unlikely friendship blossoms.

Rasa Bagdonaviciute

Rasa looking ahead. She is wearing a light blue blazer and black vest top. She has long brown hair swept to one side.
Rasa Bagdonaviciute. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @rasa.bagd

Job: Agent

Rasa is unafraid to speak her mind and never shies away from confrontation, which sometimes means she can lock horns with the other agents.

Juliana Ardenius

Juliana looking ahead, sat on a green marble table. She is wearing a black gown and is stretched backwards.
Juliana Ardenius. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @julianaardenius

Job: Interior design

Juliana aims to make the properties she works on look as glamorous as she is, but there is a lot more to her than meets the eye.

Olivia Wayne

Olivia looking ahead with one hand resting on her face and the other on her knee. She is wearing a blue waistcoat pantsuit.
Olivia Wayne. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @oliviajwayne

Job: Broadcaster

Olivia is the content creator at DDRE and uses her diplomacy skills to diffuse situations, garnering her a reputation as the peacemaker of the office.

Alex Bourne

Alex Bourne, posing and wearing a brown tanned blazer and white t-shirt with his hands placed together.
Alex Bourne. Zoe McConnell

Instagram: @alexleebourne

Job: Rival agent

Alex is one of Danny's oldest friends, but when it comes to business, they are arch enemies - and know they can never truly trust one another.

Buying London is available to stream on Netflix now. Sign up for Netflix from £4.99 a month. Netflix is also available on Sky Glass and Virgin Media Stream.


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