Big Brother 2014: Who is Kimberly Kisselovich?

The 23-year-old Californian is a Playboy bunny with a law degree and is compared to Legally Blonde's Elle Woods

Name: Kimberly Kisselovich


Age: 23

From: California

Occupation: Playboy bunny with a law degree

Twitter account? @Kimberley_Kisse 

Three things you should know… 

Kimberly has been a Playboy model around the world, has spent time in the Playboy Mansion and was even awarded “cyber girl of the month”.

Kimberly may have a law degree, but that’s not all she’s studied… She loves to explore her sexuality and intellect and this has helped her “delve deeper” into travelling, hot yoga, painting and photography.


* She describes herself as a “twerking queen” and claims she’d clash with anyone from Essex.