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Who are The Apprentice 2019 finalists?

Everything you need to know about Scarlett Allen-Horton and Carina Lepore

Published: Wednesday, 18th December 2019 at 7:36 pm

And then there were two. Although this year’s Apprentice kicked off with 15 hopefuls, Lord Sugar has narrowed down the candidates to this year’s finalists.


But who exactly are they? What are their business ideas? And what’s been their experience in the competition so far?

Here’s all you need to know about the finalists of The Apprentice 2019: Carina Lepore and Scarlett Allen-Horton.

Scarlett Allen-Horton

Scarlett The Apprentice (BBC)

Age: 32

Occupation: Owner, Recruitment Company

Lives: West Midlands

Instagram: @scarlettallenhorton

LinkedIn: Scarlett Allen-Horton

Business proposal to Lord Sugar: A recruitment company focusing on senior positions in the engineering sector.

A recruiter by trade, Scarlett has had 12 years' experience in the industry and launched her own recruitment company Harper Fox Partner in June this year – around the same time The Apprentice was filmed. In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t indicate whether Scarlett wins the final or not – Scarlett and Carina themselves only find out who wins only days before the final is aired (find out more about how it’s filmed here).

Describing herself as "fiery” and somebody capable of “bold decisions”, Scarlett left home at age 16. She first became a mother aged 20, before giving birth for a second time four years later.

You can read more about Scarlett here.

What is Scarlett’s record in the competition so far?

Scarlett took a huge gamble in week one, adopting the role of project manager for the girls. Fortunately, the team came out victorious and Scarlett immediately stood out as a contender. She was also PM in week six’s theme park task, that time losing to a side managed by fellow finalist Carina.

Here are Scarlett’s on-task stats:

  • Total wins: 7
  • Wins as project manager: 1
  • Losses as project manager: 1
  • Appearances in final boardroom: 1

Carina Lepore

Carina The Apprentice (BBC)

Age: 30

Occupation: Owner, Artisan Bakery

Lives: South London

Instagram: @doughbakehouse

LinkedIn: Carina Lepore

Business proposal to Lord Sugar: Carina wants to expand her family-run bakery business.

The 30-year-old “baker who can’t bake”, as Lord Sugar continuously calls her owns the Dough Artisan Bakery in Herne Hill (check out its website here). The family bakery closed in 2015, but was revived three years later by Carina and sister Rachelle.

Standing at five foot one, Carina "the pocket rocket” has a 7-year-old son called Lucas.

You can read more about Carina here.

What is Carina’s record in the competition so far?

As we’ve written about before, statistically, Carina has the best on-task record of any Apprentice candidate EVER. Never finding herself in the final boardroom, Carina has won three tasks as project manager.

Here are Carina’s on-task stats:

  • Total wins: 9
  • Wins as project manager: 3
  • Losses as project manager: 0
  • Appearances in final boardroom: 0

The Apprentice final is on Wednesday 18th December, 9pm BBC One


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