Ann Widdecombe says she would “prefer a few men” in the all-female Celebrity Big Brother house

Oh, Ann...

Ann Widdecombe, Getty, SL

In what must be a new record, Ann Widdecombe had only been on Celebrity Big Brother about 28 seconds before raising eyebrows.


Speaking about entering the all-female house, the former Conservative MP said that she would “prefer a few men around the place” and said she was preparing “to be around a load of cackling females.”

CBB host Emma Willis was speechless and visibly shocked, while the studio audience were equally surprised by Ann’s admission. Asked if she enjoyed getting that extreme reaction, she said: “That got the reaction I was trying to get.”

Bodes well for the next month or so.

Anyway, Ann’s in luck because it was confirmed that the very first man will enter the house this Friday.

Ann also revealed that she had been asked to take part in Celebrity Big Brother in the past and she had always turned it down because the producers said this series would be “slightly more serious”.

But not only was Ann displeased with the women-only line-up, she also wasn’t that happy with the CBB house decor.

“It looks like an IKEA showroom…this might be the quickest ever visit to the Big Brother house,” she huffed as she walked down the stairs. “Look at those ghastly tables. No tradition…My house is entirely Sanderson…Eugh.”


Jess Impiazzi and Amanda Barrie were the first celebrities to win immunity in a live challenge as Celebrity Big Brother launched on Channel 5.