Ann Widdecombe riles Celebrity Big Brother viewers as she’s accused of victim blaming and arguing over towels

Another day, another drama

Ann Widdecombe on Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Seeing as Ann Widdecombe was causing controversy before she even entered Celebrity Big Brother, it’s not surprising that her first day in the house has raised a few eyebrows.


Ann was not only at the centre of #TowelGate, but she has also been accused by viewers of victim blaming after making comments about Harvey Weinstein in Day 1 of CBB.

During a discussion about sexual assault in Hollywood, Ann said that victims of Weinstein had “a choice”.

Not long after her questionable comments came an argument with India Willoughby about towels and beds.

Ann was after a single bed, but when she seemingly thought India and Amanda Barrie had bagged the only two singles she huffed out with an “Oh…I’m not doing a double. I’ll see if I can get a single in the other room.” Which she did. Happy to sleep solo in the second bedroom by herself, that should’ve been the end of it.

India Willoughby on Celebrity Big Brother 2018
India Willoughby on Celebrity Big Brother 2018

But as everyone was going to bed, she went back into the first room to get towels and noted that they had been placed on the beds and had everyone’s names were written on them. To her, this was an indication of where housemates were supposed to sleep – and her towels were on top of the bed India had claimed.

Ann said: “India won’t budge so that’s it… I don’t actually mind but I think the system’s been thrown.”

Ann was then summoned to the Diary Room to talk about the incident, to which she said: “I think that the bed with the towels on was marked for me. But India likes it. And I do snore.”

She then added: “I’m certainly not going to get involved with trivial arguments at this point.”

Which could well mean that she’ll be up for getting involved with trivial arguments in the days and weeks to come. Hooray!


Celebrity Big Brother airs 9pm on Channel 5