Adam and Love Island new girl Zara admit they like each other – but what will Rosie say?

Abs McGee strikes again


With his epic distraction in aid of Dr Do More and his talk of courting partner Rosie outside the villa, Love Island’s Adam seemed to be turning over a new leaf. It couldn’t last, could it?


On tonight’s show, Adam reveals he’s romantically tempted by new girl Zara. “I would be open to getting to know Zara… Zara is very attractive,” he tells the Beach Hut. “If I didn’t give Zara a chance, I could miss out on potentially something that’s even better and I don’t think that’s really fair on me or Zara if I just completely shut the door in her face.”

In other words, we could see a repeat of the situation where Adam attempted to flirt with Megan – only for Rosie to find out. However, while his advances were unwanted by Megan, it looks like Zara might be interested.

See if you can spot any subtle clues as to how she feels while speaking about Adam in the Beach Hut tonight: “He is so fit, why is he so fit? I know if I go for him and it does work out and we end up coupled up then he could just do the same to me that he’s done to every single girl. It’s a gamble but I think I am in here to take risks.”

And it looks as if she’s fully prepared to clash with Rosie over him: “I like Adam but Rosie is very territorial. She clearly likes him. I don’t think I’ll give up easily with this one, I think I’ve got this one in my sights and I’m definitely locking in on my target.”

However, Rosie is aware of the danger and soon quizzes Adam on how he feels about Zara. His answer? Not the most convincing: “Obviously she is an attractive girl, I mean she’s not really far off you the way she looks, for my sort of type. But I haven’t said two words to her. I’ve invested a lot into you so I wouldn’t worry at all.”

But there’s more. Tonight, new girls Zara and Ellie both get to dinner date three Islanders, with each boy having to prepare a course for the girls. This sees Ellie having Josh for starter, Wes for main and Alex for dessert. And on Zara’s menu? Alex for starter, Eyal for main course and Adam for dessert. We repeat, Zara is having Adam for dessert.


But will he be tempted by a second serving of Island romance once more? If so, could Rosie pie him off in front of the entire villa again? We can only hope.

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