It may have been missing the Spanish sunshine and Casa Amor, but the recent Love Island Christmas reunion gifted viewers some fiery rows, an unexpected coupling and more of Hayley’s Brexit analysis. And viewers were all here for it.


Here were the biggest talking points from the one-off special…

Ellie and Charlie rowed over cheating rumours

The former lovers made things very awkward in the new Love Island winter manor when Ellie accused Charlie of being unfaithful during their relationship: “You cheated on me, with that nightclub girl, I was devastated and I loved you to bits!”

And viewers seemed to believe Ellie’s side of the story:

Georgia and Sam also rowed as Georgia claimed she was so loyal, babes

Turns out Georgia isn’t quite as loyal as she claims to be (gasp!). Well, at least that’s according to her ex-partner Sam, who said she snuck out to cheat on him.

“As soon as you walk through that door at your ex’s house that's not loyal. No one needs to pick up stuff from someone's house at four in the morning!” Sam told her during the show. However, Georgia quickly shut down the argument by storming out of the room (“I'm walking away babe because I really don't care anymore, darling!”)

And fans loved how the fellow islanders listened in on the argument…

Eyal and Kendall jumped in a pool and got together

Yup, you read that right: Kendall (the first contestant to be dumped from the island in the summer series) enjoyed a romp with Eyal.

After admitting the two had shared a kiss in a Manchester club after the show ended, Kendall was later seen with Eyal by the Christmas house’s swimming pool. And after jumping in together fully-clothed (obviously), the two smooched once more.

The viewer verdict? Mixed. While some shipped the new couple…

Others couldn’t help feel the moment had been a tad staged…

Hayley revealed she didn’t learn nothing, to be honest, from Nigel Farage

Hayley may have failed to solve Brexit and its devastating impact on trees in the summer series, but the model returned to give her latest thoughts on the issue. Speaking to Kendall about her meeting with Nigel Farage, she revealed that although “he’s alright, actually”, she “still didn’t learn me nothing, to be honest”.

And if that wasn’t enough Brexit analysis from Hayley, she also revealed what she thought the EU stood for: “Errrm, Espana something?”

Oh. Dear.

And then Hayley forgot who Dr Alex George – the guy sitting a few seats away – was…

The Do Bits Society reunited

It may have been missing a few vital members – well, just Josh and Jack – but the DBS chaired a classic meeting. And Jack was no longer secretary, having progressed to “level one” of the society after being, ahem, promoted by girlfriend Dani.

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And it brought back many happy memories for fans...

Jack and Dani tried to cook a full Christmas dinner…

Which didn’t exactly go to plan. After being tasked with preparing a feast for their fellow islanders, the Love Island winners (who still might be together in real life – we're still not quite sure) bickered a lot while stuffing a large turkey.

Dani and a topless Jack (“it’s more hygienic!”) were soon replaced by some professional chefs – it was probably for the best given how confused Jack was by turkey anatomy (“is that its head or his arse?”).

But overall it just reminded everyone how cute they are together...


Everyone really missed new Jack

Although there were a few faces absent from the new Love Island country manor (looking at you, New Laura, Josh and Niall), viewers couldn’t believe Jack Fowler was missing from the episode.Love Island returns summer 2019

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