Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown backs calls from Netflix viewers to improve subtitles

Netflix has vowed to fix the problem

(Getty, JG)

Queer Eye host Karamo Brown has backed calls for Netflix to improve the show’s subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers.


Several of the popular makeover series’ fans took to Twitter to air their complaints that the subtitles in their current form censor profanity, edit dialogue for brevity and correct distinct dialects into standard English – thus diluting the colour that runs through the series.

“I really wish Netflix captions for Queer Eye 2 weren’t bleeping profanity AND changing the profanity used in the captions,” user @MortuaryReport wrote. “It’s really not awesome.”

She continued: “It fundamentally changes the experience of the television show for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, and it does so without their consent.”

Karamo then retweeted her message with a comment of his own, assuring hearing-impaired fans of his show that he will work with Netflix to fix the problem.

“Reading everyone’s comments breaks my heart,” he wrote. “I don’t know how much power I have but know, the next time I’m at Netflix I’m going to bring up this issue internally and won’t stop until something changes. Deaf and HOH people should have the same experience as everyone else!”

And the conversation has had the desired effect: soon after Karamo posted his tweet, Netflix’s customer service account announced that they are “fixing” the problem with relation to Queer Eye and Luke Cage season two specifically.

Fingers crossed this means that Netflix’s subtitling will improve across the board in the future.


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