Hot on the heels of the one-two-punch release of seasons one and two earlier this year, Queer Eye season three has landed on Netflix.


The series, a reboot of an early 2000s reality show from the US, became a major hit when it debuted in February 2018, reducing a huge number of Netflix subscribers to tears (that was their plan in the first place).

Season three sees them move from Atlanta, Georgia to Kansas City, Missouri to help its citizens learn how to be the best versions of themselves.

Find out everything you need to know about Queer Eye season 3 below.

When is Queer Eye season 3 released on Netflix?

Season 3 of Queer Eye was released on 15th March 2019. Check out the announcement video via the official Queer Eye Instagram account below.

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Is there a trailer?

Yes! It gives us our first look at the heroes for series 3 - and the new location of Kansas City, Missouri. Check it out below.

Who will be in the cast?

All of the fab five - that's Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France and Bobby Berk - are set to return for the third season with an entirely new slate of "heroes" to make-over.

What is going to happen?

The fab five have been slowly dropping nuggets of information in dribs and drabs.

For one, Bobby Berk has confirmed that, unlike seasons 1 & 2, which skewed male, season 3 will feature an even number of men and women. "No offence to men, but we have so much more fun with women," he said.

And Tan France has confirmed that the gang will make over a lesbian for the first time in season 3.

"We have our first lesbian on the show this year and she's formidable," he said on Netflix variety show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. "What we do with her, you're going to love it."

In an interview with E! News, Antoni Porowski spoke more broadly about the new episodes, and assured us that there'll be plenty more tears...

"Inclusivity and diversity continues to be the focus of our MO, of what we're out there to do," Porowski said. "I think people are going to se a lot of differences in Kansas City, but they're going to see maybe more and understand a little more clearly that we are all the same, our struggles are the same, to show up for our families, to be better lovers, friends, parents children, like these are all human experiences. It doesn't matter which coast or which country you're in, it's all something you can relate to."

He added that while he initially went into filming for series 3 trying to hold in the tears, he changed tack pretty swiftly. "Before the season started, I actually had a conversation with myself where I was like, don't cry as much as you did in the first season, and like, try to make things that are a little more complicated," he said. "But what I ended up telling myself was like, just continue to be vulnerable, let it happen when it happens organically, just be yourself because that's why you're I cry a lot."

Why is Queer Eye heading to Japan?

It has since been confirmed the Fab Five will be taking their live-changing makeover skills across the Pacific to Japan for four special episodes.

Titled Queer Eye: We're In Japan!, the gang heads to Tokyo to work their magic on four Japanese men and women from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds.

The Fab Five will also work alongside local tastemakers, as well as delving into Japanese culture, cuisine, grooming, fashion and design.

On their excursion to Japan, creator and executive producer of Queer Eye, David Collins, explained, "In just a year since we launched season one, Queer Eye has become a global phenomenon once again and the Fab Five are truly the ambassadors of self-care and compassion that the world needs now more than ever.

"Filming in Japan is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with four deserving heroes that will help showcase the incredible traditions and customs of their country."


The special episodes are separate to the upcoming third season, and will be available to watch on Netflix later in 2019.