Prized Apart winner Kennedy: It was horrible keeping my £100,000 win a secret

The Manchester-based make-up artist did not tell some family members about her victory for six months

On Saturday night, Manchester make-up artist Kennedy Taylor and her mum Julia scooped £100,000 on reality game show Prized Apart.


But even Kennedy’s sister was unaware of their win – which was filmed six months ago – until it aired on BBC1.

The 23-year-old told that she had been forced to keep the news a secret since filming took place in March. She admits that she was allowed to confide in close family but says that that her sister wanted to watch tonight’s live final to find out whether or not she and her mum scooped the prize with the rest of the show’s fans.

“She will only find out tonight, I could have told her but I had to keep most of it a secret.

“It was horrible keeping the secret. At work I just told people I was travelling a bit and they wanted to know more but when I came back they wanted to know why I wasn’t on Facebook and Twitter and I just said I wanted to take a break.

“I had to tell a lot of white lies to keep it a secret – but fortunately now that’s over.”

Kennedy and her mum Julia (below) won tonight’s final after her mum correctly answered a question about airports in the deciding round. 

Julia had to choose which airport – London Heathrow, LA’s LAX and Hong Kong International – had the fewest number of terminals.

She guessed correctly – Hong Kong International.

Says Kennedy: “I was happy with her answer. I couldn’t look at her when she was answering because there were rules about that. But even if she got it wrong I would be happy because that was the answer I would have given.”

The mother and daughter beat off competition from their fellow studio finalists – identical twins Craig and Chris, also from Manchester, and 
London couple Jonny and Andie – to scoop the £100,000 prize.

The final brought to an end a marathon nine week contest in which Kennedy was in Morocco performing various physical challenges while her mum was in a airplane hanger in Farnborough, Hampshire, answering questions to help keep them in the competition.

Kennedy says she will invest some of the money in property, treat her family and friend and also hopes to travel.

She will continue working as a make-up artist but hopes to become a radio presenter one day.

She added that her mum plans to buy a car – and also to have laser eye surgery.

“I never thought in million years I might win. I never thought I would be this person that travels around the world with Emma Wilis and Reggie Yates. I still don’t believe it. It feels like a dream. It’s so weird.”

Speaking before Saturday night’s broadcast, she added that she was still friends with many of her contestants and that losing finalists Craig and Chris were planning on watching tonight’s programme go out live with her, Julia and the rest of her family.

“I will still be tense. Even though I know we won I won’t believe it until I see it. I still think it could go wrong.


“The whole experience has been amazing and it has made me really more aware of myself and my friends. Being away from people for so long has made me realise what’s important.”