Prince Harry swerves This Morning interviewer Alison Hammond during royal visit

Prince Harry wasn't keen on Hammond's interview tactics, which included yelling: “Harry, come and get warmed up by me!”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clearly didn’t know quite what to make of This Morning presenter Alison Hammond as they began their first royal visit as an engaged couple.


Perhaps boosted by her amazing interview with a giggly Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, former Strictly contestant Hammond was 100% determined to talk to the prince and his new fiancée.

So as they walked down the “red carpet” (pavement) and chatted to people at the barriers during their public appearance in Nottingham, Hammond did her best to attract his attention.

“Harry, come and get warmed up by me!” she yelled. “You’re live on This Morning, Harry!”

Harry made awkward eye contact – but clearly decided this was one interview he could skip.

As Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes urged her on from the studio (“don’t give up!”), Hammond thrust a microphone in his face and forced him to actually swerve her advances. That’s not an exaggeration: there was a literal, physical swerve.

Undeterred, Hammond had a go at getting Markle’s attention, screaming “Megs, Meg, Megs” and yelling: “You may have seen me with Harrison Ford.”

But all she got in response to her line – “congratulations from This Morning” – was a quiet “thank you so much”.


Well, she’s not your standard royal reporter…