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People are now seriously considering a life of crime if it means getting arrested by Tom Hardy

“Chase me, Tom!"

Published: Tuesday, 25th April 2017 at 9:40 am

Tom Hardy might have saved the streets of London from one criminal, but he might also have just inadvertantly spawned a crime wave.


The Sun first reported that the star of Taboo and CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories chased down a moped thief in Richmond, jumping over a wall, through gardens and a building site before grabbing them and making a citizens’ arrest.

He even reportedly frisked the suspect for weapons and checked their ID. All very heroic.

The problem now is that plenty of men and women are now debating whether to turn to a life of crime – if it means being wrestled to the floor by Tom Hardy.

Meanwhile, others reckon the new James Bond has been found.

Or even...

As Jake Humphrey says, if nothing else it will make a hell of a Bedtime Story....


Never stop being awesome, Tom.


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