Someone compiled all of Tom Hardy’s grunts on Taboo into an ultra-macho supercut

If you wanted to hear Tom Hardy grunt 72 times in 39 seconds, here's your chance


Maybe don’t watch this one with the sound turned on at work unless you want to give a very weird explanation to your co-workers, but YouTuber flypiefilms has compiled a video of every grunt uttered by Tom Hardy in BBC drama Taboo so far.


There may be more episodes to come, but so far the actor – who plays James Keziah Delaney – has emitted over 70 grunts.

These range from “HM!” to “hmyrghh” to “umh”.


Be warned: having watched (and listened to) the supercut, it will be hard not to notice every last Tom Hardy grunt when the series continues on Saturday. Click “play” at your peril.