Paddy McGuinness wants to see Holly Willoughby take on Total Wipeout: ‘Would be a treat’

Freddie Flintoff thinks Jamie Redknapp should have a go.

Holly Willoughby and Paddy McGuinness (GETTY)

Paddy McGuinness seems to have a wish-list of celebrities he would like to see take on the Total Wipeout course – and honestly, don’t we all.


When asked who he wants to see on the course, the Top Gear host replied: “David Dickinson, Chris Kamara and Holly Willoughby would be a treat.

“Ant and Dec would be good as well. Fingers crossed they’d break something and give the rest of us a chance of winning an NTA!”

Paddy has a pretty good insight into the course at the moment as he’s currently a voiceover on Total Wipeout: Freddy and Paddy Takeover, so has a fair idea on what skills you might need to take on the course.

For Freddie, his A League of Their Own colleagues are the right candidates for the job.

“I’d love to see Jamie Redknapp go up against Romesh Ranganathan. Jamie would hate it but he’d be so competitive and he’d love the mud…for his face, a moisturiser!”

Freddie continued: “Romesh would be useless and he’d get so angry so I’d love to see the two of them on there, they’d be absolutely brilliant. They’d bicker together so much as well …they argue with each non-stop so I reckon all the way through they’d be at it.”

Poking more fun at his pals, the former cricket star advised both Romesh and Jamie “pegged their noses” as they were almost certainly going for a swim.

“Romesh would have to get some elastics for the back of his glasses because they’d be off, and Redknapp would have to make sure his hair dye is set,” Freddie teased.

We’re almost half-way through the six-part series, which has seen Freddie and Paddy bring their unique style of banter to the already hilarious – and quite tough – show.

Speaking about the revival of the format, Freddie said he took a “trip down memory lane” when he watched the classic clips back.

“But when you start watching everything starts flooding back – you remember it instantly. You remember the punches, you remember people falling in the mud, obviously the big red balls are iconic and then you got the end game which is all the different obstacles.

“It’s like a trip down memory lane, I think it’s going to be like that for a lot of people, and then they’ll have a new audience with all the kids because I can’t imagine kids aren’t going to enjoy it as it’s right up their street – mine do!”


Total Wipeout: Freddie and Paddy Takeover continues tonight on BBC One at 7.05pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our handy TV Guide.