One Direction’s Zayn looks a lot like James Corden in talk show promo

The boy band stopped by to support the Gavin & Stacey star in his latest role as host of The Late Late Show

James Corden is an unlikely stand-in for One Direction’s tall, dark mysterious crooner in a promo for his newest talk show, The Late Late Show.


The advert premiered on Sunday during the Grammy Awards and features Corden and his bandleader Reggie Watts doing impressions of Zayn and Niall, respectively. Harry, Liam and Louis don’t bat in eyelid but declare: “We’ll be watching The Late Late Show with James Corden featuring Reggie Watts.”

This isn’t the first time Corden’s attempted to infilirate One Direction. Earlier this week CBS posted a similarly themed promo entitled Wrong Direction in which Corden, Watts and crew also impersonated the band.

Nor is it the first time they’ve collaborated. Corden penned the dialogue for The Best Song Ever music video, which boasts over 317 million views on YouTube. And in a move many fans could only dream of, the comic seized the opportunity to (temporarily) ink Niall’s derriere in 2013 when the band stopped by his show, A League of Their Own.

Corden will officially replace Craig Ferguson, who bowed out in December, as host and ringleader on March 23rd. In the meantime CBS has been filling the void with a line up of guest hosts that includes Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin) and John Mayer.


There’s no word yet on whether One Direction will be making their way to The Late Late Show as official guests anytime soon, or whether Zayn will be sitting in for Corden in the host’s chair.