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Noel Edmonds is back on Channel 4 with a strange new game show called Cheap Cheap Cheap

Post-Deal or No Deal, Edmonds is returning with another game of pointing at things and guessing

Published: Wednesday, 25th January 2017 at 2:42 pm

Do you remember that round on Supermarket Sweep?


The one where Dale Winton would ask the shoppers to guess the price of three items, questioning whether a packet of fusilli was more or less expensive than a tin of broad beans?

Well that idea has, it seems, been turned into a whole gameshow presented by Noel Edmonds.

Swapping the Dream Factory for a mad shop of tat, Cheap Cheap Cheap (yes, it really is called that) will see Edmonds inside an “eccentric general store filled with weird and wonderful items and even quirkier staff” where contestants will have to guess the cheapest of three items presented to them.

A series of seemingly random guesses in succession could then lead them to win a life-changing sum of money. Hmm, we feel like we’ve heard that last bit before…

This will be the first show that Edmonds, who has previously hosted the likes of Noel’s House Party and Telly Addicts, has presented since Deal or No Deal was cancelled last year.

A whopping 30 episodes of Cheap Cheap Cheap are currently being filmed for Channel 4 by Hat Trick Productions in Bristol, and each episode will be an hour long.


Cheap Cheap Cheap will air later this year.


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