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No new deal for Deal or No Deal as Noel Edmonds' long-running gameshow is cancelled

Say goodbye to the “Dream Factory”

Published: Friday, 19th August 2016 at 10:43 am

Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal will return for the last time this autumn, after almost 3,000 episodes and more than a decade on UK screens.


Host Noel Edmonds will be seeing it off in style, with a series of live shows, Deal or No Deal on Tour, taking the show across the UK at the end of the year to say farewell.

But panic not Edmonds fans, Noel himself will remain on Channel 4 screens and today joined the broadcaster to announce a new series for daytime and two new pilots.

He clearly has a penchant for shows with great names because these two are something else...

One is a new gameshow with the working title “Cheap Cheap Cheap”.

It sounds very strange. Set inside an eccentric shop filled with quirky items (and staff), the premise is that Noel and the staff will challenge contestants to guess the cheapest of three items in the hope of winning a life changing sum.


His other new project, Noel Edmonds’ Sell or Swap (which has a familiar ring to it) will see contestants bidding live on an eclectic mix of items ranging from expensive antiques to a second hand speed boat or a never used wedding dress. Every item will have an amazing story behind it and is up for sale or swap. Basically, some kind of deal.


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