Nigel Farage for Top Gear? Here’s what the ex-Ukip leader could do next

There's a whole (British) world of possibilities


Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU, has resigned from his party after saying he “couldn’t possibly achieve more.”


Sure, he might have reached the height of ambition in Ukip, but what about all the other things he could “achieve” with a bit more spare time on his hands?


Here are some very sensible options for Farage’s new career. And then, as he’s prone to doing, he can come back to politics in a couple of years!

How about a duo with Matt Le Blanc?

Perhaps some glitzy ballroom dancing? Happy Valley actor Vincent Franklin put this image of Farage’s fake tan in our brains…

Stranger things have happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Ahem, George Galloway

Maybe he’d prefer his own island nation?

Watch this space. Or, you know, just wait for Farage: The Return Part II. Everyone loves a sequel right?