Michelle Obama and a bunch of kids teach Will Ferrell how to get healthy

The Anchorman comedian appeared with America's First Lady in a video clip for the Let's Move campaign to get youngsters talking about their favourite fruit and veg

Will Ferrell got taught a thing or two by Michelle Obama and a group of youngsters when he helped host a focus group for the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign. 


The Anchorman comedian appeared to have a few strange ideas of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle with his ideas on entire honey-baked hams and Krill oil supplement sandwiches getting immediately shot down by each little ‘un.

Luckily Michelle was also on hand to inform Will that having “a great beach bod” is not all about tricks but requires dedication, consistency and eating right.

The duo – who appeared together last week in a sketch for Jimmy Fallon’s new Late Night Show – also found time to dance together and goad one another after each focus group member named Fallon their favourite comedian. Take a look below…