Meet the cast of Doctor Foster: series one

As the intrigue mounts up in the heady world of Suranne Jones’ Gemma Foster, we meet the runners and, er, riders of Mike Bartlett’s infidelity drama


Mike Bartlett’s drama Doctor Foster about a small town GP facing up to her husband’s infidelity is gripping BBC1 viewers.


As Suranne Jones’ eponymous character Gemma delves deeper into the murky world of her spouse’s betrayal, it’s important to get a handle on who’s who in this world of bed-hopping intrigue…

Suranne Jones plays Gemma Foster


Gemma Foster appears to have it all – a loving husband, a charming 11-year-old son and a job as a GP where she is the fuclrum of her small community. But the discovery of a stray blonde hair on her husband’s jacket prompts suspicions which lead to some pretty shocking discoveries. What to do? Confront him and split up her family? Or plot something altogether more intriguing…?

Suranne Jones says: “Some of my friends have been through similar things and I’ve seen how normal, reasonable people can behave in a demented way. Once you start checking people’s phones or following them, you’re in a whole heap of trouble.”

Where have you seen her before? Suranne has come a long way since playing Corrie’s Karen McDonald, with starring roles in a range of dramas including Scott & Bailey, The Crimson Field, A Touch of Cloth, Five Days, Harley Street, Unforgiven, My Wonderful Life and Lawless.

Bertie Carvel (plays Simon Foster)


Property developer Simon has moved back to his home town of Parminster with his bright and vicarious wife Gemma after meeting her in London. A settled and devoted family man… on the surface. Yes, Simon has secrets in his closet and possibly even an illegitimate bun in the oven.

Bertie Carvel says: “It was important for me to examine the complexities of his character. If you hang out everybody on a washing line who has been unfaithful who shall ‘scape whipping?”

Where have you seen him before? Bertie recently starred in BBC1 epic Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. He also played Nick Clegg in Channel 4’s Coalition and was in the broadcaster’s police comedy drama Babylon.

Thusitha Jayasundera (plays Ros Mahendra)


A school friend of Simon’s from their Parminster days, she knows him well. But the perennially single Ros knows a little too much about her school chum to mean that her friendship with both Simon and Gemma (whom she works with) can ever hope to stay on an even keel. A little more emotional maturity would help her a lot (something that, let’s face it, goes for a few of the other characters).

Where have you seen her before?  Played Tushura “Tash” Bandara in Holby City and DS Ramani De Costa in The Bill. Other recent credits include Broadchurch and Lewis.

Robert Pugh (plays Jack Reynolds)


A drinking problem has seen this seasoned doctor kicked out of the practice he shared with Gemma, Ros and their colleagues. Openly gay, he suffers from depression, due in part to the recent death of his long-term partner. Unreliable, clearly, but he seems to have a good heart and is clearly fond of Gemma. He can also give surprisingly good advice when the moment requires…

Where have you seen him before? The veteran actor has a long list of credits including Game of Thrones (as the wicked, incestuous Craster), The Shadow Line, The Lakes, Justice, The Time of Your Life, In a Land of Plenty and The White Queen.

Jodie Comer (plays Kate Parks)


Teenager Kate is Simon’s lover. Their relationship has lasted two years (or so we have been told) and her betrayal is made all the worse by the fact that her parents are friends of Gemma and Simon. But is it all that simple?

Where have you seen her before? Rising star Comer is best known for playing Chloe in My Mad Fat Diary but she will soon be seen in Thirteen, BBC3’s new drama about a young woman emerging from captivity

Clare-Hope Ashitey (plays Carly)


Gemma’s new no-nonsense friend, she forms a bond with the GP after helping her uncover Simon’s infidelity. Gemma in turn has helped Carly escape an abusive boyfriend. But will Carly continue to be reliable?

Where have you seen her before? Clare-Hope has starred in Channel 5 drama Suspects. She has also enjoyed a prominent role in C4 drama Top Boy.

Navin Chowdhry (plays Anwar)

Navin Chowdry in Doctor Foster

A chance encounter in the doctor’s surgery has seen Anwar and Gemma’s lives take totally different courses. Gemma broke Anwar’s confidence and told his wife about his suspected brain tumour (a breach of medical ethics which may come back to haunt her). Meanwhile Anwar, who had been moping and drinking heavily, seems liberated by the blowing apart of his secret. But will he be diagnosed? Will he survive? And what can this divorce lawyer do to help Gemma we wonder…?

Where have you seen him before? Perhaps best known for playing  Kurt McKenna in C4’s comedy drama Teachers, he has popped up in a range of shows including Free Agents, Dalziel and Pascoe and Judge John Deed.

Adam James (plays Neil)


The oily accountant next door, he has been flirting with Gemma for five years and finally admits to her that he has always wondered what lurks beneath her dress. Will he ever get the chance, one wonders, to find out? And more importantly: how smarmy can a man get? And how many affairs has he had?

Where have you seen him before? The godson of Jon Pertwee, he is known to Doctor Who fans for his role as Macmillan in the 2009 David Tennant episode Planet of the Dead. Recently seen in C4 election drama Coalition.


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