The first couple voted off the Strictly Come Dancing 2014 final was Mark and Karen


Caroline and Pasha, Simon and Kristina and Frankie and Kevin remained in the running for the shiny glitterball, but Mark Wright was denied the chance to perform his third dance.

"She is the most diamond girl you'll ever meet," said Mark of his partner Karen.

"I couldn't dance for toffee, we all knew that," Mark added. "She got me to the final. What?!"

Ahead of the final, Mark told that he wasn't expecting to win, saying, "I didn't even think I'd get halfway and I'm here."

Rival Caroline had a maximum 80 points after her first two dances, including a show dance that left the judges spellbound.

But in the Strictly final the decision is all down to the voting public. The vote opened again following Mark and Karen's exit.

Find out how to vote online here, and see the judges' scores from the first live show below.

Judges' scores after first live show

Caroline and Pasha – 80

Simon and Kristina – 78

Frankie and Kevin – 77


Mark and Karen – 70