Does Mark Wright think he’ll win Strictly Come Dancing? “Probably not”

The former-TOWIE star isn't feeling confident about bagging the glitterball, but says he already feels like a winner

Strictly Come Dancing finalist Mark Wright doesn’t rate his chances in tonight’s grand final. 


Talking about whether he thinks he’s set to take home the coveted glitterball trophy, the former-TOWIE star said “If you want me to be honest, probably not.

“But I’m in the final and that for me, on a personal level, is I’ve won,” he continued. “I didn’t even think I’d get halfway and I’m here.” 

Of his fellow finalists Caroline Flack, Simon Webbe and Frankie Bridge, Wright said: “These three couples, from week one I was just looking at them in awe almost of their beautiful techniques and their dancing skills. I was turning around to some of the other people who had never performed before like, ‘How are we going to keep up with that?’ To be sat here with this bunch of amazing, talented people is quite incredible.”

The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been tonight, with the four finalists poised to perform new showdances and reprise familiar favourites. But Wright – who saw off Jake Wood in last week’s dance-off – isn’t feeling competitive. In fact, he says he never really has. 

“I just kind of keep competing with myself,” he said. “I never believed for a minute that I would be in this position. Even going into the final I don’t feel any more pressure. I just want to get my dances right.”


Strictly Come Dancing concludes tonight at 6:30pm on BBC1