Made in Chelsea theme tune song – what is it, and who’s it by?

Find out who's responsible for the music that really gets Spencer Matthews, Cheska Hull, Binky Felstead, Louise Thompson, Francis Boulle, Oliver Proudlock and company going in SW3 logo

What is that song at the beginning of Made in Chelsea? A question on the lips of every excitable wannabe-socialite who dreams of living in SW3, swigging champagne and holidaying on the French Riviera.


Although there was a different theme for series one of the show (Punching in a Dream by New Zealand rockers The Naked and Famous), and one other variant (New France by Oribital in series 3), you’re probably thinking of one song, and one song alone…

Yeah, it’s Midnight City by French electronic band M83 that you’re looking for.

If you don’t believe us, here’s the official video (featuring absolutely no braying toffs) to prove it:


Another mystery solved. Right, where’s my caviar?