Made in Chelsea: do Stephanie Pratt and Stevie Johnson belong together?

The MIC duo were exchanging loving glances in New York over the summer – but just a few months later, they're swapping angry words instead. It just seems wrong...

One of our favourite Made in Chelsea couples called it quits over the summer. Stevie Johnson and Stephanie Pratt were once exchanging sweet nothings to one another, but following a brief rekindlingly of their romance in NYC, series eight sees the pair attempting to “be friends”.


It’s not going well. Tonight’s episode saw them at each other’s throats as Stephanie begun dating Stevie’s close friend – and MIC newcomer – Josh Shepherd, despite her ex expressly asking her not to see his friends.

And, ok, his puppy Maggie is the cutest thing on earth – but, if we’re honest, we’re not big fans of Josh himself. After all, no close friend of Stevie should be pursuing his ex-girlfriend…

But Steph seems to be quite taken by the Sloaney chap, and the pair’s budding romance has continued to drive a wedge between her and Stevie. “It’s a big f**king city,” he told her tonight, “I think I’m being a little bit more respectful than you are. I’ve overestimated you.”

It didn’t go down well, with Steph calling him an “asshole” – she hasn’t quite mastered the Chelsea lingo yet – reducing poor Stevie to tears (our hearts were breaking).


And, for the time being, it looks like a friendship isn’t even on the cards, with Stevie warning Steph he’d “take a step back and give you distance.” Next week’s trail shows him pondering “whether he can really do it” – but should he have to? Should Steph and Stevie be walking into the sunset, hand-in-hand? Or are they better as sort-of-friends? Sharing is caring: have your say in the poll below…