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Louis Walsh on X Factor: “I believe viewers are sick of all the singing”

Handy for a show about singing, right?

Published: Thursday, 14th May 2015 at 10:02 am

Amid the various changes happening to this year’s series of The X Factor, will-he-won’t-he judge Louis Walsh has shared his opinions on what’s wrong with the show:


“I believe viewers are sick of all the singing”.

Right. For a show about singing, that’s kind of a sticking point, isn’t it?

Walsh seems to have an idea for how this can be improved: turn it into another show we already have.

“[Viewers] want a combination of talents, like Britain’s Got Talent,” Walsh told the Daily Mail. “That’s going stronger than ever and Simon is really delighted with it, so perhaps X Factor will go down that road.”

Well, he’s always banging on about singers being young versions of other people. Perhaps he thinks we need a show that’s a young version of a show we already have..?

Presumably Walsh is making the point that viewers don’t want another series jam-packed with wannabe Mariahs simply standing in front of a mic. Chuck a few more Fleur Easts at us, a Jedward even, acts that can put on a show rather than just rely on hitting the high notes. 

“I think viewers are right when they say X Factor isn’t quite what it used to be,” Walsh added. “It’s still great, of course, but last year wasn’t as good as it couldn’t been – and we all knew it.”

Show bosses certainly seem keen to make this year noticeably different. It’s the first series that’ll see a double act host the main show – Olly Murs and Caroline Flack are stepping up – and some weeks will even see bumper Sunday night shows replace Saturday night editions, although that's more to avoid clashes with the Rugby World Cup than by planning.

As for the judging panel, while show insiders tell us Walsh is 95% certain to be out, he insists:

“I definitely haven’t been fired, but I haven’t been hired either, so it’s all up in the air.” 

The X Factor returns to ITV later this year

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