A batch of party-loving pairs are about to be sent on the action-packed journey of their lives in ITVX's brand new reality show.


Starting with 5 pairs, the show will see the contestants island hop around Greece’s Aegean Islands in a race to take control of, and spend, 50,000 euros. Think Race Across The World meets Ibiza Weekender.

However, only one lucky pair will have control at any time, and will be able to blow the cash on whatever they like, so long as they don't get caught, at which point they will have to slum it like everyone else while they work hard to catch the card holders and take control.

So, when does it start? And who is in the Loaded in Paradise cast?

Read on for everything you need to know about the brand new show, including how to watch it and who all the contestants are in the line-up.

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Loaded in Paradise release date

Loaded in Paradise will air exclusively on ITVX on Thursday 28th December.

All episodes will be available to stream in full.

How does Loaded in Paradise work?

Brought to you by Twofour and ITVX, the adrenalised reality game show sees party-loving pairs island hop around Greece’s Aegean Islands as they compete to take control of – and spend – 50,000 euros.

The show starts with five pairs and a loaded Gold Cold, however, only one team can have control of it at a time. For those lucky players, life is pretty simple and they can live their best lives, spending the money on whatever they choose. And with a daily fresh cash injection, there really isn't any limit to what they can buy.

The only thing is, they'll have to stay under the radar, with the other contestants working hard to track down their every move and steal the card for themselves.

The synopsis adds: "At the end of each chase, a luxury Safehouse will open and everyone will reconvene. Dotted across the Aegean islands, these amazing and luxurious hubs will allow viewers to see the drama and fallout of the chase as they all come together. On the final leg of the chase, there'll be a big twist as everyone chases the Gold Card one last time. "

Loaded in Paradise cast

Loaded in Paradise cast
Loaded in Paradise cast ITV

There are six pairs of contestants in Loaded in Paradise, with Ellie and Tommy joining later in the series.

You can see a full list below:

  • Kishon, 24, and Kara, 24 - best friends from Brighton
  • Millie, 27, and Amelia, 22 - best friends from Cheshire and Bury respectively
  • Jasmine, 26, and Karra, 28 - sisters
  • Ieuan, 22, and Kane, 21 - best friends from Wales and Bristol respectively
  • Jamie, 22, and Guy, 21 - friends
  • Tommy and Ellie - boyfriend and girlfriend

Loaded In Paradise will air exclusively on ITVX on Wednesday 28th December 2022 with the series available to stream for free in full.

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