Yes, Kirstie Allsopp heard Graham Norton mention her on Eurovision

The Eurovision commentator gave the Location Location Location presenter a shoutout during his live coverage

Kirstie Allsopp, Getty

Graham Norton’s savage commentary and Eurovision are a match made in heaven – and the broadcaster was on zinging form for the 2019 Song Contest, providing BBC viewers with his acerbic take on this year’s weird and wonderful acts.


One such viewer was Kirstie Allsopp who got a shock when she heard her name mentioned by Norton as he mocked Albania’s entry.

Casting his judgement on Jonida Maliqi and her song Ktheju tokës (English translation: Return to the Land), Norton labelled her “Albanian Kirstie Allsopp,” unaware that the Location Location Location presenter was tuning in…

And he had a point.

The nickname soon caught on…

And even Allsopp had to admit Norton had nailed it:

In fact, she was pretty darn delighted by the whole thing.


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