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The Netherlands wins Eurovision Song Contest 2019, UK finishes last

Duncan Laurence and song Arcade took the Eurovision crown in Israel

Published: Sunday, 19th May 2019 at 12:22 pm

The 24-year-old singer earned 492 points for his delicate ballad, beating runner-up Mahmood, who picked up 465 points for Italy by the end of the night. Russia’s Sergey Lazarev finished third (with 369 points), while Luca Hanni finished fourth for Switzerland (360 points).

Before Eurovision’s grand final, The Netherlands had been tipped to take the title, with Australia, Sweden and Switzerland expected to follow closely behind.

Laurence's win marks The Netherlands' fifth Eurovision win, the country last triumphing in 1975.

Where did the United Kingdom finish at Eurovision 2018?

Last. The UK’s Michael Rice finished 26 of out the 26 competing countries with his song Better Than Us. Despite a powerful performance, the singer failed to break out of the right-hand side of the leaderboard, earning a total of just 16 points.

Before the contest, he was tipped to finish in 19th place.


This marks the 22nd year in a row the UK has failed to win the contest, band Katrina and the Waves last winning for the country back in 1997.


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